Green Energy Saving Powerboard - Master/Slave

Product Code: PT9778
APN/Barcode: 9318054977867

This power board is designed to be compatible with Home Entertainment and Computer systems. Use this power board in domestic and commercial environments. Power is a valuable secondary resource and as the cost continues to increase we must to optimise what we are using and look at ways to minimise wastage.

One of the most significant sources of waste and expense is "standby power". This is power that is consumed by appliances even when they are sitting idle. When appliances remain in an active status while not being used, for example DVD players, amplifiers, monitors, printers and scanners they all consume "standby power". The Jackson (PT9778) Energy Saving Powerboard will reduce the consumption of "standby power" that is used by these peripherals connected to your entertainment and computer systems. This is the easy and efficient way to save power and reduce your power bill.

How does it work?....The PT9778 Energy Saving power board is fully automatic and does not need any pre-setting or additional remote controls. Attach the primary appliance, this would either be the screen (for home entertainment system) or the computer box (if used with computer system) to the MASTER socket. Then connect your peripherals to the controlled SLAVE sockets - these would typically include speakers, amplifiers, gaming consoles, monitors, printers or a scanner.

When the item connected to the MASTER socket is shut down the power board senses this and automatically turns the power supplied to the four controlled SLAVE sockets off. This eliminates the wasted power that would have been consumed by these appliances being left on while not being used. Likewise - when the primary appliance is reactivated (turned on) the power to the other controlled sockets is switched on.

There is one additional socket the operates in an "always on" status. This is used by appliances that need continuous power to operate for example a set top boxes/ pay TV consoles where pre-set recording may be used.

The PT9778 was developed with low power consumption in mind, and has been independently tested to show that it draws less than 1 Watt of power itself.

The board also provides a high level of surge protection helping to prevent damage to the connected equipment.

Product Datasheet (PDF)

Product Instruction Manual (PDF)

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