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The term surge is commonly used to describe a variety of unexpected voltage changes that occur with the mains power supply from time to time. If you measure the voltage coming from your power point, you would find that it is not constant, and can be affected by various events outside the control of the power supply companies. Importantly, these surges are also transmitted down the telephone line, meaning that your fax, modem, telephone or other comms device is more likely to be affected by a surge. That's why we always recommend the use of a combined phone and power surge protector, to help protect these delicate items.

Technically, there are many different types of events that are incorrectly called "surges", these include: Spikes, Surges, Brownouts, Blackouts, Transient Voltages, Sags or Noise. As a user, it is not important to understand the exact terminology, what is important is to know that ALL of these events can damage sensitive electronic equipment, and that there are products that can be purchased to prevent these events.

As computers and electronics get smaller, the componentry used internally becomes more susceptible to damage from these surges. Particularly, surges can be extremely damaging for computers, causing either data loss or damage to the circuitry. Indeed, most computer problems are caused by AC power fluctuations, such as surges or spikes. These problems can be prevented by the use of the Jackson range of surge protectors.

Current thinking is that it is better to use a series of surge protectors, if possible, rather than one unit. This is because each surge protection device acts like a "gate", preventing transient voltages entering the next stage of the circuit. For instance, a Jackson PT0888 and PT0666 could be used together for added protection. Of course, the use of even one surge protector is far better than not using one at all.

Above is a picture of a surge circuit from one of our power boards. Jackson engineers design and develop products in Australia, for Australians and suited to our particular power grid. It is important for you to buy the right item, with Jackson you can be sure of this.